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Friday, July 31, 2015

Hot Dog Quesadillas

Don't get too grossed out over this recipe. Sometimes, I like a hot dog with mustard, relish and more.

You may have noticed I like sandwiches of all kinds.

Part of this stems from the fact sandwiches are easy to make and part of it stems from fond memories of visits to a restaurant, Roy's Place, in Maryland that has a multi-page menu of sandwiches made with a wide variety of fillings and breads.

For example, the sandwiches are numbered 1 - 216 and they have funny titles like:
121. THE CHESTER A. CHESTER™ (A real two-breasted sandwich) Special brisket roasted in ale and chili with sharp cheese & tomatoes on three decks, spread with our own chili mayonnaise and showered with onions........$10.19

If you follow the link to Roy's Place, you can see the menu.

Hot Dog Quesadillas

Olive oil
2 large tortillas
2 hotdogs, cut into pieces
Bottled relish
Beans, Black or any kind
Grated Cheese

Cook the hot dog pieces in the microwave 1 1/2 minutes on high.
Add a dab of oil to skillet.
Add tortilla.
Once one side is brown, turn it over.
Add hot dog pieces on top, on one side.
Top hot dog pieces with beans.
Add cheese.
Add relish and mustard.
Fold tortilla over.
Remove from skillet to plate.

Servings: 2

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