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Gina's Dream: Now Available as an Audio Book (English)


Gina's Dream
An Environmental Manifesto Wrapped
in a Science-Fiction Romance
Now Available as an Audio Book (English)

MERIDA, MEXICO -- Expat, Ria Stone published her first Smashwords fiction eBook, Gina’s Dream in 2013. 

In Gina’s Dream, Kit Brennan, SETA’s (Space Exploration Through Astronomy) Assistant Director, meets an unusual woman at a convention. She claims she is an alien. What is he to believe? What is he to do?
Kit’s co-worker sees her as a threat, first to his friend and then to humankind. The co-worker seeks to discover Gina’s secrets and to stop her. 
Gina has broken the emissaries’ primary rule by telling Kit who she is. But, she is here to defend her world from a future invasion by humans. As Gina’s safety is threatened, what will she do to defend herself?
Caught in the middle between his co-worker’s fears and her defense, Kit has few choices but to let Gina follow her dream.
What would you do if you met an alien?
Now, You Can Listen to Gina's Story!
Find Gina's Dream Audio Book at:

Michael Hardemann narrates Gina's Dream.


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