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Michael Hardeman -- Narrator - Gina's Dream

 Michael Hardeman — Narrator

By accident, I meet Rocky Mountain Mike (Michael Hardeman) on Twitter. His name was familiar from his political parody songs played on online radio shows. On his Twitter profile, I learned he also narrated audiobooks.
After contacting Michael regarding an audiobook project, I found he had been a DJ and radio show host for more than 20 years.
After many years in radio, Michael returned to college to get a BS in electronics engineering technology and he worked in engineering and software development for the next 20+ years.

Over time, Michael had also been writing, producing and performing political parody songs and audio sketch comedy. He developed a variety of songs that are played on various radio stations and you can find them on his YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSB-tl1Xbo8jtq8q45N7STQ.

In 2013, Mike and a friend, made a comedy album based on his political parody songs called Politically Incoherent. Within the first weeks after launching the album, it became #1 on iTunes Comedy, #1 and #2 on Amazon Comedy and #3 on Billboard Comedy, according to Michael.

Today, Mike continues to write and produce audio sketch comedy and political parody songs like The Electoral College —the Chipmunks Song. He also sells large format color photographs he takes in various national and state parks as well as other scenic locations which have been featured in major outdoor magazines.

Michael Hardeman

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