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Monday, October 17, 2016

Pre-Order: Budget Guest Accommodations Opportunities, Mérida, México, Marketing Report Available

Now Available — As a Pre-Order
Budget Guest Accommodations Opportunities
Mérida, México
Marketing Report
by Ria Stone

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November 1, 2016

NORTH AMERICA — With tourism on the rise in Mexico, the need for budget guest accommodations (BGA) will increase.

This marketing book focuses on budget guest accommodations in Mérida, México on the Yucatan peninsular.

Sadly, many businesses start and fail. What steps can the owner or prospective owner of a BGA do to increase their chances of running a successful business?

Based on extensive research and on-the-ground observations and experiences, the Budget Guest Accommodations Opportunities, Mérida, México, Marketing Report offers low-cost market analysis and marketing ideas for current and future BGA owners, managers and administration staff, to help their business succeed.

The report provides specific details on: running a successful budget guest accommodation, developing marketing analysis and plans including sample plans and press kit templates.

An extensive resource list is included and contains: management articles; economic and tourism reports; low-cost marketing services: tourism and trade association websites; as well as guides and handout suggestions.

Take a peek. See what works for your budget guest accommodation. Bien Dia.

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