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Monday, February 1, 2021

Microwave: Mug O'Scrambled Egg with Cilantro Aderezo (Dressing)

Life is all about solving problems. From birth to death, we face problems to solve. We fight for breath upon birth. We struggle to grasp the significance of the world around us from day one. We must learn to communicate, to move, to walk, to run, to play, to fight, to defend, to love, to wait, to plan, to laugh, to cry, to care, to repair, to decide.

As we age, many nagging problems are often insignificant. We are always learning, how to balance the checkbook, how to change a tire, how to fix the mechanical things we rely on, how to fold a fitted sheet, how to remove a stain, how to study for the latest test, how to parallel park, how to sew, how to catch the right bus, how to read the electric bill, how to find shoes that fit or the right coat or sweater to grab as we run out the door. Problems can nag at us like, forgetting to pickup eggs, milk and bread or aspirin when needed, hoping the ATM has cash and won't reject your card, forgetting to plug in the phone when the battery is low, damning the scammers & money seekers who call day and night, and struggling to find the right ingredients for a new recipe.

I have struggled to use fresh cilantro (can't find any bottles of dry cilantro or coriander where I live). Just pulling the tiny leaves off the stems is a struggle. Freezing does not work for me. So, when I saw this bottle of Cilantro Aderezo (dressing), I decided to give it a try.

Solving problems is also one of the joys of life. Buying that bottle of dressing was a good decision. It has a great taste and does make this recipe full of flavor.

This recipe reminds me of the joy of flavors and how we crave a variety of flavors, hot, sweet, salty, tangy, bitter, intense, smoky, sour, and more.
Microwave: Mug O’Scrambled Egg with Cilantro Aderezo (Dressing)
(Adapted from: Scrambled Eggs - Indian Style, BBC Food, https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/indianscrambledeggs_86454)


1 Dollop Vegetable oil
1 Tspn Butter
3-4 Shakes Onion flakes
2-3 Drops Hot sauce
2 Grinds Black pepper
1 TBspn Salsa
1 Egg
1 Dollop Milk
Topping: Bottled Cilantro dressing
Variation, Toast Topping:
1 Tspn Mayo
1 Slice Multi-grain bread, toasted


Add oil, butter, onion, hot sauce, and black pepper to mug.
Microwave on high for 30 seconds.
Add salsa, egg and milk.
Whip and stir ingredients quickly and thoroughly.
Microwave on high for 1-1:30 minutes.
Dump egg mixture onto plate or on top of toast spread with mayo.
Top with a 1/2 capful of Cilantro Aderezo.
(Product Del Molino de Cortez https://www.alcorsa.com/)