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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Punto Café - Just Opened September 29, 2014

Businesses come and go in Merida. As the economy improves, more businesses are opening.

Recently, on a Monday, enroute to a new physical therapy clinic, I stopped by the Punto Café near the clinic to get breakfast and a cup of coffee.

I was greeted by Beatrice, who offered me some sandwich samples. I choose an egg and tomato sandwich and Americano coffee with milk.

I always try to use my Spanish. As I struggled to make my sentences, Beatrice asked if I spoke Italian. Nope. Beatrice and her co-owner Luca were Italians. They had lived in Merida for several years.

Just as I was finishing my sandwich, Luca offered me a piece of apple pie. He said it was because today was the first day their café opened and I was their first customer.

I was surprised. “The first!” Rarely, do I get to be first at anything. So, this was exciting.

The café is long but large and colorfully decorated. I took some pictures of Beatrice and Luca, the apple pie, and more. It was an enjoyable breakfast.

You can find the Punto Café at:
Calle 59A x Calle 84A just off Avenue Itzáes (Centenario Park is nearby)
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico
Hours: 9am – 4pm, M-F
Punto Café’s menu offers sandwiches, pizza, pasta, lasagna, various salads, coffee and refrescos.