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Published Works by Ria Stone

 Published Works by Ria Stone

With tourism on the rise in México, the need for budget guest accommodations (BGA) will increase.
This marketing book focuses on budget guest accommodations in Mérida, México on the Yucatán peninsular.

Sadly, many businesses start and fail. What steps can the owner or prospective owner of a BGA do to increase their chances of running a successful business?

Based on extensive research and on-the-ground observations and experiences, the Budget Guest Accommodations, Mérida, México, Marketing Report, offers low-cost market analysis and suggested marketing ideas for current and future BGA owners, managers and administration staff to help their business succeed.

The report provides specific details on: running a successful budget guest accommodation, developing marketing analysis and plans including sample plans and press kit templates.

An extensive resource list is included and contains: management articles; economic and tourism reports; low-cost marketing services: tourism and trade association websites; as well as guides and handout suggestions.

Take a peek at the eBook at smashwords.com. See what works for your budget guest accommodation

Mocktails (Pre-Order)

Mocktails are drinks that resemble popular cocktails like a: Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Golden Dream, Manhattan, Margarita, Piña Colada, Sombrero, Tequila Sunrise, and more, except there is no alcohol in a Mocktail.

As a former bar maid, I fell in love with the cocktail glassware, fancy garnishes and flourishes like salting the glass rims. The alcohol held less attraction. That is why I love Mocktails.

In the tradition of Recipes from the Kitchen of a Frugal Non-Cook, many of these Mocktail recipes are a bit frugal and do not require fancy equipment or exotic ingredients.

Enjoy a Cosmopolite, Juanita, Mock Champagne, Piña Loca, Sunset Cooler, Stone Cold Sober, Taíno Bay, Virgin Mary, & more.

Have fun making your own Mocktails.

Consider investing in one or two fancy glasses. A beautiful glass adds elegance, while garnishes add color, flavor and fun to these Mocktails.

Enjoy making over 15 Mocktail recipes in this booklet.

Mocktails, the eBook, is available on Smashwords, Barnes& Noble and other online retail outlets. Or, get the POD at MagCloud at: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1588066

Gina's Dream/El Sueño de Gina - Dual Book (English/Spanish)

Two Editions

Gina's Dream

1st edition, English only eBook

Gina's Dream is the story of a romance caught in the web of time that will change the future of two worlds.

Kit Brennan, Assistant Director of Science Exploration Through Astronomy (SETA), falls in love with Gina Hobart who claims to be an alien. Their futures hang in a delicate balance as Kit questions whether she is real or crazy.

Description: Novelette, Adult, Science Fiction/Romance/Predictive Fiction.

Smashwords edition, English only. Includes Bonus article: My First Editor.

Also available at: Barnes & NobleFlipkart iBooks.

Gina's Dream/El Sueño de Gina
Dual language book - English/Spanish
(Available as a POD & eBook)

En El Sueño de Gina, Kit Brennan, asistente del director de SETA, se encuentra con una mujer excepcional en una convención. Ella dice que es un extraterrestre. ¿Qué es lo que creer? ¿Qué ha de hacer?

Un compañero de trabajo del Kit la ve como una amenaza, primero a su amigo y luego a los humanos. El compañero de trabajo trata de descubrir los secretos de Gina para detenerla.

Mientras tanto, Gina ha infringido la regla principal de los emisarios diciéndoles Kit quién es. Pero ella está aquí para defender su mundo de una futura invasión por los seres humanos. Como se ve amenazada la seguridad de Gina, ¿qué va a hacer para defenderse?

Atrapados entre temores a su compañero de trabajo y la defensa de Gina, Kit tiene pocas opciones pero para dejarla seguir su sueño.

¿Qué harías si te encontraste un extraterrestre?

(PR crédito: Google Traducir)

Available in Print and eBook formats
at The Write Place, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

Recipes from the Kitchen of a Frugal Non-Cook (RKFNC) is collection of easy recipes for non-cooks who feel like an alien in the kitchen.

RKFNC provides ideas for a variety of sandwiches from PB&J to Dagwood Sandwiches, and simple recipes like: Tomato Salad and Coleslaw.

Yet, with a skillet and pot with lids, a microwave and a crock pot, you can make most of the recipes in RKFNC.

Among the recipes are some basic ones like a spaghetti recipe with suggestions for a variety of toppings that can be used elsewhere. Personal stories are included with some recipes as Ria navigates some of the Dangers! of cooking.

There are crock pot recipes like Two Bean Corn Chili and Pork and Pineapple Chili. Ria's Basic Skillet Recipe is for the more adventuresome. RKFNC has a few recipes using leftovers.

The egg, a beautiful product of nature, is used in many ways. See recipes for: making an omelet or using hard-boiled eggs for sandwiches or egg salad, or adding an egg to fried rice.

Try Ria Stone's Microwave Small Dish Cake! In addition to recipes, Ria promotes her first eBook, Gina's Dream. Take a peek at the Bits, Bites & Books Café's menu for other ideas.

RKFNC is not a dieters cookbook. Olive oil is used in almost everything and cheese is a frequent ingredient. As a writer, Ria sees food everywhere.

Look for RKFNC at:
Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and other online eTailers.
Get the POD at MagCloud:
Gina's Dream is now available as an audiobook.

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