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Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Tightwad Kitchen Gadgets

In my departmento, I have a microwave, a two-burner electric stove and a crockpot.

Being a tightwad is always a challenge. Cooking in a small kitchen without an oven and other kitchen gadgets like a blender is also a challenge. Add in the unique characteristics of my kitchen gadgets and this compounds the challenge to cook inexpensively, healthy and tasty.

The microwave has only one temperature setting: high, and one way to set the time, push the red button to get one minute each time you push the button.

With finicky settings and I am beginning to think the burners on the two-burner electric stovetop transfer heat differently, using the electric stovetop is always a surprise. Liquids boils at half the settings. Finding simmer is still a mystery.

The wide range of kitchen gadgets that you can buy is endless. But, as a tightwad, I am always seeking ways to work with what I have.

Below are my kitchen gadgets. My two favorite gadgets are the handheld grater and my commuter coffee mug.

The grater is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to take apart and to put back together, so I love to grate cheeses and vegetables. The commuter coffee mug is one of my favorite thrift store finds, probably cost about a $1. But, I use it as a mocktail shaker most of the time.

My wooden cutting board is really solid. I use it to crush peanuts, cereal, ice, and other things for various recipes.

Surprisingly, I bought a melon ball scooper to use as an ice cream scooper but use it to scoop out apples and to make mini-meatballs.

The spatula is useful to get those last dregs and drabs out of jars of mayo, peanut butter and the like as well as scraping bowls to get the last of a mixture.

I use a coffee cup and spoons for measuring out ingredients.

The funnel can be used for many things. I often use it for making my own sodas.

I save plastic bottles. Fill a clean bottle with club soda and add a flavoring, as little or as much as you want depending on your tastes, like making a Spritzer. Below are just a few ideas for some Spritzer flavorings:
  • cold tea,
  • soft drinks, I like making a diet soda spritzer because I get the flavor and a bit of caffeine;
  • fruit juices, fresh or from a container;
  • concentrates, like lime, jamaica, horchata or others;
  • canned fruit juice;
  • coffee;
  • powdered drink mixes;
  • liquid drink mixes like Pina colada or coconut creme.

Updated 7/23/2015

Often, I wonder what does X kitchen utensil look like or what is it's name? So, I research it.

The first utensil, top row, left to right is a "Slotted Turner."

For some reason, I think it should have a different name. Now, I know why I am confused. The "Turner" is also called a "Spatula." But, then what is the utensil, second row from the bottom, first utensil from the right. I call it a "Spatula."

More research is required.

Kitchen Utensils Artwork from: https://openclipart.org

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