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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Using Carry Out Selections to Make Multiple Meals

Here is one of my favorite ways to save money and get some great meals in the process. Now, I do make small meals, so what one person calls a meal and what another calls a meal will make this option vary greatly.

In my colonia, I have several prepared food choices. My two favorites are a cafe that makes vegetarian inspired meals and a Chinese takeout.

The cafe meal, which costs about 60 pesos, comes with a salad, rice and the main course. The main course is usually grilled chicken breast with a sauce or a vegetable concoction. I make two meals of from the main course items.

The meals also comes with a fruit beverage, soup and corn tortillas.

I freeze the beverage and defrost it later to make coolers (water with ice and some flavoring), I can make one drink last a few days. The soup is also frozen and when I defrost it and heat it up. I make a sandwich for another meal. So, that's about 3 meals for 20 pesos each.

Plus, I microwave the tortillas to make corn chips for dip.

With the Chinese carry out, which costs about 60-80 pesos, depending on the number of items you choose, I take plastic containers and portion out a mix of the various items, rice, noodles, chicken and vegetables, sweet and sour chicken etc. into each container, often making about 5 meals. I freeze them and use them as needed. That's about 15 pesos a meal.

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