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Thursday, February 11, 2016


As you will see, I am getting into Wraps big time.

I am not a gourmet as these recipes make clear. I just shoot for healthy and tasty.

It started with a Lunch Meat Wrap where I spread cream cheese over a large flour tortilla. Then added diced olives, a handful of shredded carrots, a dash of ground black pepper, then put a slice of  turkey lunch meat on top and rolled it up. Yum.

Then, I made a Chicken Salad Wrap, see previous post.

Then, I made Chicken Pineapple Wrap using another chicken slice from a Chinese take out meal, I diced a slice, added diced tomato, onion,  a few chunks of pineapple and sprinkled a bit of curry powder over the items. Yummy.

Now, my Egg Breakfast Wrap is still a work in progress but the good news is I made a cup of
scrambled eggs in the microwave and it came out perfect. 

For the scrambled eggs, I used a small coffee cup not a mug. I broke one egg into the cup and added a dollop of milk. Then, whipped it together with a fork until it was well-mixed. Cooked it one minute on high in the microwave.

After placing the eggs on the tortilla, I added diced chicken, tomato, onions and a dab of refried beans. My spice is ground black pepper. The only problem was I made enough for two wraps, so it spilled over.

I love "finger food" and the best thing about Wraps is fewer dirty dishes. It's almost like put it together and eat.

Making Wraps has stimulated my imagination, so I am thinking of other items to use. Hmm, what can I do with oysters, apples, potatoes, capers, mushrooms, vegetables.......

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