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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sucker Purchase

Just came home from grocery shopping. I noted that a few items went up in price like milk went up considerably from $13.80 (pesos, MX$) to $15.20 for 1 liter, whereas a few items went down a few pesos in price. I did pick up a few items on sale.

But, I was also shopping for a friend's care package. I always include chicken soup in the items. I could not find "chicken soup." I have not tried the canned "Sopa de Lima", but, I came across some children's canned chicken soup. I bought a few cans because I thought they'd give my friend a laugh.

The children's soup ($27.90 a can) was just one serving. It was good soup.

Whereas, the other canned soups I bought ($14.03 a can) are concentrates. I can make three bowls of soup from one can.

As a consumer, it is important to be aware of packaging, varying sizes, marketing, sales, ingredients, price differences, and more, in order to make smart purchases.

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