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Friday, May 22, 2015

Writing Workshop -- Kick Writers' Block to the Curb with Seven Easy Exercises

Seven Writing Exercises

1. Spontaneous Writing Exercise -- select a word and write without caring about punctuation, grammar, plot or organization for five minutes.

2. Writing Prompts

     -- Write a letter to your Writers Block to say good bye.

-- You are cleaning out the attic, garage or closet and find....

-- Make a list of story titles you’d like write.

-- Write about the most beautiful place you have ever been.

3. Try a different genre. Write a:

     -- poem
     -- essay
     -- article
     -- biography of local person
     -- short story

4. Go through your photographs/mementos. Pick one. Write a story about it.

5. Take a walk. Look at the houses, businesses and landscape. Think about who lives or works there. Write a short story about your impressions.

6. Write about something you have knowledge of or an expertise.

7. Write something every day.

After you’ve done a few exercises. Pick something you have written in the last few months.
Edit it. Polish it. Submit it to:

-- an online publication (check their submission guidelines).
-- to a short story contest.
-- post on your blog.
-- an agent, or
-- collect other stories/articles/poems etc., and self-publish your own collection.

Action begets Action

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