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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Balticon 2014: Quick Notes on Q&A with Dr. Vinton Cerf re: Google and the Internet

Dr. Vinton Cerf gave an overview of what the future holds for the internet and Google.

I have listed some comments below:

Look at the future of O3B Satellites.

Google had the idea to use balloons to over wifi service globally.

Telecomm industry uses the scarcity business model and makes inflated claims about negative effects of net neutrality. Hidden behind the Telecomm industry's words is an "anti-competitive behavior."

Google wants the internet to remain a place where innovation can occur. If the Telecomm industry charges for adequate bandwidth for users to function, it will stifle creativity.

Is the internet a public utility or a common carrier?

Cerf suggests that we need specific internet legislation introduced by Congress to clarify this question. The FCC can interpret existing legislation but can not legislate.

After the NASA revelations, Google now encrypts its traffic.

While Google does accumulate search words and gmail text, they do not share this data with others.

Google has not had a major data breach like many other companies.

Google continues to innovate.

Not being a technical person, I can not adequately restate many of the comments made..

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