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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Balticon 2014: A Conversation with Author Michael D. Ambrosio

At Balticon 2014, in the Dealers Room, I met author, Michael D. Ambrosio and he had stories to tell (glowball9961@yahoo.com) and (www.fracturedtime.com).

After we had talked for awhile, I asked him what made him write his first novel, Fractured Time. He said that while he was stationed in Iraq, he lamented the lack of Science Fiction reading materials. A friend suggested, he write a novel to fill the void. So, he did.

Once Ambrosio started writing, he continued adding novels to his various series, Fractured Time Triology and Space Frontiers as well as other novels. Along the way, he got an education in publishing and much more.

What is impressive about Ambrosio's career is all the opportunities he has seized or created for himself by just following an idea.

Because he attends several Science Fiction conventions a year, he contacts local radio stations and has been a guest on various shows and podcasts to talk about his novels and science fiction. He is also a screenwriter and has created screenplays for movies and TV shows based on his novels. Agents have expressed interest in several of his novels but one thing or another stymied those efforts illustrating the haphazard nature of the movie industry.

Also, Ambrosio likes to use small publishers. He publishes with several small publishers hoping that each publisher will market his novels to different niche markets and more.

He has made his own commercials and wrote a screenplay at the request of an actress he met at a convention.

He learned public speaking on the fly while serving as a member on several panels.

As our conversation ended, I told him, "You have another book to write...your adventures in publishing."

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