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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Refrigerator: Overnight Seeded Oats

Bananas! Thanks to some friends, I have lots of bananas!

I will be happily trying to make the new banana bread, puddings, cakes, bread puddings, cookies, and ice cream recipes I found.
In addition, I love using bananas as a topping.
I have also developed a fondness for overnight oats, thanks to Jack Monroe and others. The various seeds in this recipe make an interesting combination.

Refrigerator: Overnight Seeded Oats
First, make a batch of seed mixture:
Seed Mixture:
4 TBspns Flaxseeds
4 TBspns Sesame seeds
2 TBspns Chia seeds
2 Tsps Cinnamon
A Pinch Salt (Optional)

Other ingredients:
2-3 TBspns Coconut creme
Water as needed
Or Milk or Milk alternative
Toppings: fresh, canned or dry fruit; or nuts; peanut butter; honey; jam; jelly; or syrup.
Make seed mixture.
Add a thick layer of oats on the bottom of a small bowl with lid.
Sprinkle some of the seed mixture over oats.
Add 2-3 TBspns coconut creme.
Add enough water to cover oats.
Add milk or milk alternative to cover oats.
Stir the mixture thoroughly.
Add lid.
Refrigerate overnight.
Upon serving, add additional water, or milk, or milk alternative to moisten oats.
Add topping of choice.

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