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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Great Little Cookbook

In one of my random searches for recipes and free cookbooks, I found this little gem, The Great Little Cookbook, written by Sally Mackay, produced by New Zealand's Ministry of Social Development.

Ms. Mackay has created a cookbook jam-packed with information regarding shopping and creating healthy meals and snacks for adults, children and babies.

Her creative layouts pack a plethora of tips on each page using lists, boxes, shaded callouts, and a few graphics.

Some of the topics she covers are:
  • serving sizes, types of vegetables, grains and milk 
  • good fat vs bad fats 
  • sugar and salt  
  • eating sweets and dental health 
  • menu planning and menu plan tips 
  • shopping and pantry lists and tips 
  • substitutes 
  • food poisoning and food safety tips 
  • food label analysis

Every page features multiple variations.

Mackay offers a wide range of recipes from Breakfast, to various meals with meat and fish, salads, soups, and birthday parties, and healthy baby tips.

I found the School lunches pages interesting.

The sandwich page is an example of how Mackay puts densely packed information on one page.

I laughed when I read her note on the Beans and Lentils pages, she said, "Lentil patties are not just for hippies."

I choose to try the Pasta Salad and Curry dressing on page 72. 

Pasta Salad
from: The Great Little Cookbook, pg 72 

Mix cooked pasta (not noodles), cooked mixed vegetables, chopped cucumber and sunflower seeds

Curry dressing
Add 1 teaspoon curry powder to yoghurt or mayonnaise

As usual, I adapted the recipe to work with what I have. I made two different types servings.

For one, I used cold spaghetti noodles and leftover frozen mixed vegetables. For the other, I used cold spaghetti noodles and some canned mixed vegetables. Plus, I made my own Curry Dressing.

Ria's Curry Dressing


3 heaping tspns mayo
a small pour of plain yogurt
1 level tspn cumin


Add ingredients to empty glass jar and stir.
Add any number of spoonfuls to the spaghetti and vegetable mixture. Stir and mix well to coat the mixture.

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