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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Turn Your Frig into a Salad Bar with Crazy Salads

Crazy Salads (Use What You Have)

With stackable storage containers, you can have a Salad Bar in your frig.

This all started because I didn't have any lettuce and I wanted to make a salad. So, I just decided to make a salad without lettuce and things took off from there. I rummaged around in the frig and found some leftover salmon salad, 1/2 a tomato, a green pepper, an onion, some olives, parmesan cheese, and a bag of toasted bread cubes. I continued rummaging in the pantry and pulled out a can of mushroom bits and a jar of imitation bacon bits and made a Crazy Salad.

From there on, almost anything was game for a Crazy Salad. For me, the main ingredients are a bit of protein, heaps of diced vegetables and a crunchy topping. I usually don´t even use a dressing because the salad is already tasty.


Base (Choose One)
1-3 Tablespoons per serving

Chicken, cooked and diced or canned, or as chicken salad
Salmon, canned, plain or as salmon salad
Rice, cooked, or Spanish rice
Cabbage, sliced

Other Ingredients (Use What You Have)
1-2 Tablespoons per serving

Green or red pepper, sliced or diced
Tomatoes, regular or cherry tomatoes, sliced or diced
Onion, red or white, sliced or diced
Carrots, sliced or grated
Cucumbers, sliced or diced
Radishes, sliced or diced
Mushrooms, sliced
Olives, black or green, sliced
Celery, sliced or diced
Beans, canned, black, red, or Chick peas
Artichoke hearts, 1-3
Cheese, white, cubed
Chayote, sliced

Apples, slices
Pineapple, fresh or canned, chunks

Toppings (Use What You Have)
Parmesan cheese
Croutons or toasted bread cubes
Imitation Bacon bits

Seasonings (to taste)
Ground black pepper

Dressings/Sauces (Choose One)
Mustard vinaigrette
Yogurt/Mayo dressing  (See below)
Oil and vinegar
or plain, no dressing

(For one serving)
Basically, start with 1-3 tablespoons of a base in a small salad bowl. I like canned chicken or salmon salad. Then add 1-2 tablespoons each of whatever other ingredients you like or have on hand. I love green peppers, onions, carrots, olives, beans, and artichoke hearts. The rest are extras depending on what I have on hand. But, I like a crunchy topping so it's either imitation bacon bits or toasted bread cubes.

Use your imagination and add other ingredients you like and think will work.

Yogurt/Mayo Sauce with Paprika

1/3 cup plain yogurt*
2 tablespoons mayo
A dollop of vinegar
A dash of salt
1/8 tspn sugar
A dash of paprika

Mix ingredients in a bowl or container with a lid.
Stir well to blend all ingredients.

*Note: Yogurt in Mexico is more liquid than solid, add a little milk to thin the sauce.

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