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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Street Vendors in Mexico - Five postres for 13 pesos

One of the experiences I enjoy in Merida are the street vendors. From various wheeled-vehicles, human-powered or motor-powered, the vendors sell furniture, fruit, garden soil, pastries, tamales, ice cream, and more.

On my calle, vendors wheel down the street, clanging their bell, tooting their horn, or shouting out their product for sale. They are selling tamales, corn desserts, fruit, pastries, or ice cream.

The hardest thing about the process is trying to get out the door in time with my keys, shoes, and dinero before the vendor is two blocks away.

Until yesterday, I had succeeded once and got a tamale.

Finally, I got out the door in time and bought five postres for 13 pesos. They were fresh, warm and delicious. I only ate one and saved the rest.

Five postres for 13 pesos

Think about it. Five wonderful fresh-baked pastries for 13 pesos ($2.6MX each). At the current exchange rate, $1US is worth 16.62 pesos.

Many Mexicans run businesses out of their homes. Some make lunches for neighbors and nearby workers. Some make postres or other food items. There are often economica cocinas, open late at night, offering tortas, hamburgers, hot dogs and other food items.

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