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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stone Cold Sober Mocktail

I like cranberry juice, so I wanted a Mocktail with mostly cranberry juice.

When I say cranberry juice, I mean the kind that comes out of a bottle or package, not homemade.

So, I took a cocktail recipe and made a mocktail variation but the differences between the two drinks are so dramatic, I would say the original merely pointed me in the direction of cranberry juice with a few ideas for flavorings.

I liked the end result. It was a bit tart without a sweet overtone. I am developing my own mocktail taste descriptions. As someone with a chicken and beer palate, the idea of a taste vocabulary is amusing.

Look at the Stone Cold Sober Mocktail.

Ignore the sandwich, it's fried SPAM with sliced vegetables and a cream cheese spread. It's ok but it still needs tweaking.

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