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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Junk Drawer and the Fine Art of Puttering

After being prematurely retired, I downsized significantly and moved to Mexico. Two years later after acclimating my new environment. I rented a one bedroom furnished apartment.

Among the pieces of furniture that came with the apartment was a large wooden bureau with four big drawers, one large shallow drawer and two small drawers. Because the bed had several large storage drawers for personal items, I did not need the bureau in the bedroom. So, I moved it into the living room/dining room area to use as a sideboard for linens and kitchen items.

I made one of the small drawers a junk drawer. Nothing says home like a junk drawer.

My junk drawer holds spare light bulbs, batteries, spare key chains, odd keys, guarantees for purchased items, rubber bands, nails, screws, pens, broken items, and other odds and ends.

Most people have hobbies. Many like sports. Lots of people are artistic and make crafts and such. I like to putter. I find it relaxing. I go around my home and determine if the furniture is in the best position.  I go through the drawers and sort and rearrange items. If there are items I know I will never use again, they go into the barter box.

I examine the rooms to see if there are items that need repair. Today, I sorted through my junk drawer. I found a broken corner from a stone paperweight. I found the glue and repaired the piece.

Then, I went though my closets, I found a colorful handbag and decided to hang it on the wall for decoration. I found a pair of pants I meant to mend. I made the repairs and now have a “new” pair of pants. I also found a little horse statue that was a gift from my mother; I moved it to my bookcase for display.

I sorted through my earrings and separated those that I use often, those I hardly wear --holiday and special earrings, and broken or single earrings. I repaired one pair of earrings and found a pair to put in the barter box.

In addition, my puttering makes me feel organized. It also reacquaints me with my belongings. Sometimes, I call this process “shopping in my closets” because I find things I forgot I had and might have purchased, again. So, I save money.

All in all, these few hours were relaxing and profitable.

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