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Thursday, January 9, 2014

40+ Small Ways to Save Money in Mexico

While I enjoy being a tightwad, it also carries with it an ethical responsibility.
As Amy Dacyczyn notes:
“It is wrong to save money at the expense of others.”
--p228 The Complete Tightwad Gazette.
Here is my list of small ways to save money in Mexico:
  1. Save receipts, create a price book (include housewares, clothing, groceries, services, & other items).
  2. Develop menus and staples list, stock up on basics.
  3. Scout various markets for price comparisons.
  4. Buy vegetables and fruit on sale or in season, cut up and freeze.
  5. Look for holiday items on sale after the holidays for future use.
  6. Check grocery receipts for mispriced items.
  7. Use crock pot, freeze portions for other meals.
  8. Drink water instead of soda.
  9. Make juice spritzers with club soda and juice.
  10. Refill water bottles for personal use.
  11. Use drink concentrates and powdered drink mixes.
  12. Reuse tea bags.
  13. Wash and reuse baggies safely.
  14. Dilute dishwashing soap, shampoo, and hand soap.
  15. Use homemade skin products like: olive oil mask, grape juice astringent, milk as a rinse.
  16. Compare health providers, expertise, reputation and costs.
  17. Buy used clothes, household items from flea markets and “garage” sales.
  18. Repair clothes and other items.
  19. Wear old shoes around the house, save better shoes for dress-up.
  20. Develop a basic mix and match wardrobe, foundation black pants.
  21. Use plastic grocery and laundry bags for trash bags.
  22. Use cloth napkins.
  23. Wear solar watch.
  24. Recycle envelopes and copy paper.
  25. Take public transit.
  26. Use fans versus A/C.
  27. Unplug microwave when not in use.
  28. Turn off lights and fans when leaving the house.
  29. Walk and/or do yoga in home.
  30. Read free or low-cost ebooks from Smashwords, Amazon, Project Gutenberg and more.
  31. Use OpenCulure.org for viewing classic English movies for free.
  32. Attend various free cultural events.
  33. Use Skype and Magic Jack for international calls.
  34. Research travel and large purchases, then wait at least 24 hours before purchase.
  35. Pay off credit cards, use credit cards for purchases if concerned about a dispute, pay credit card in full.
  36. Compare ATM fees, use the lowest.
  37. Reduce number of ATM withdrawals per month.
  38. Put regular weekly or monthly savings amount, and spare change into savings account.
  39. Research CD interest rates, store money in long-term CDs.
  40. Barter.
  41. Reduce, reuse, recycle, regift, rethink, and re-enjoy.
  42. Best of all, be creative and keep your eyes open for savings opportunities.

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