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Friday, May 13, 2016

Food WastED - Menu Item

The topic of Food Waste is a large. Food is wasted in many ways by businesses, organizations and individuals. Various organizations are creating solutions. I hope to write more on this later.

One of those solutions is for restaurants to design menu items that use their own food "waste."

For this post, I want to simply list a menu item I found on a recent trip.

I was in Washington, DC, visiting a friend. We went out to eat several times. One stop was at Teasim, a funky restaurant.

I noticed a category on the menu, Trash or Treasure. This reminded me of a yard sale slogan, so I was intrigued. There were two menu items under this category that "were developed to utilize product often wastED in restaurants."

I choose a item from this category, the "Bread Salad", a bowl of roasted vegetable slices, large seasoned bread cubes, fruit slices, sunflower seeds with an orange fennel vinaigrette.

I did examine the salad trying to figure out how these items might have been considered "waste." I assumed that the fruits and vegetables were preparation remains from other menu items that were not enough to keep and that the bread cubes were made from bread ends.

The "Bread Salad" was great on many levels. Now to start with, I like all those items. It was tasty. It was the right amount of food for me at that moment, often I don't want a large meal. It was inexpensive. It was an adventure, and I became a participate in the WastED campaign to reduce food waste.

Trash or Treasure Menu Items

Bread Bowl
Look for future posts on food waste. It's a great tightwad idea :-)

One resource: http://www.wastedny.com

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