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Friday, April 25, 2014

Ongoing Rundown of Cafes in Mérida, México

I am a cafe person. So, I am always thrilled to find a new cafe.

Look for updates, since things change frequently

Updated: 8/5/2018

Cafe Chokoh
Calle 39 x 64 y 62A, Centro
Open: L-V 8:30-4;00
Good sandwiches, coffee, frappes, and more.
See post on Cafe Chokoh for more information

El Apapacho Cafe
Calle 62 x 41 y 43
Open: Miercoles -Domingo 11:00 - 11:30
Lots of vegetarian choices.
See blog post for more information.
Update: Need to check their hours, they have changed.

Espresso de Arte
Calle 62 #445 53 y 51
Colonia Centro
Open: Lunes a Sábado 10:0 am - 10:00pm

El Origen Cafe
Calle 62A #472 x 39 y 37
Reforma, Centro
Open: Lunes a Viernes de 12pm a 3pm
offers servicio a domicilio
What is great about this cafe is the vegetarian influence on the menu choices. The chef uses light seasonings.  The main dish is served with rice, salad & soup.
Update: El Origen Cafe closed their Avenue Reforma location.

OMG! Cafe
Av Colon #505 x 8 y 9
Garcia Gineres
Not sure of hours, they close mid-day and open again for a few evening hours.
I came for the scones! Great pastries and coffee.
Internet available

El Gran Cafe
Calle 47 y Paseo de Montejo
They have cut back on the hours they are open.
Internet available.

old address, Call47 y 70. They moved somewhere nearby.

Pop Cafe
Calle 57 x 62 y 60
Open: 8:00am to 11:00pm
Listed in Lonely Planet.
A fixture in downtown historic centro.
Typical cafe menu.
Nice refugee after a busy day.

On Paseo de Montejo, on the left as you head up Paseo towards the Monument
Calle 56 A, Numero 465 x 33 A y 35
Friendly staff, can always met other expats or tourists.
Internet available but flaky.

Vendito Azul
Calle 62 x 49 y 51
Wed–Sat 1pm to 10

Bistro Cultural
Calle 66 x 43
M–S, 9–4:30
Chef prepares a daily dish.
Always something going on there.
Love the omelets.
Internet available.
Update: Bistro Cultural has expanded, now it has an outdoor garden area and a food market across the street, see Post on Bistro Cultural for more information.

Pistache (formerly La Boheme)
Paseo de Montejo x Calle 39, Centro
open daily from 7:30am until 11pm
Quiches, french pastries and breads
Internet available.
One of my favorite stops.
It gets really busy on Sunday mornings due to Merida's Biciruta event.
I call this the "Unofficial Cat Cafe" because the owner has adopted a cat and she had kittens, so there's usually a cat about. They are not socialized.

Cafe Creme
Calle 41 x 60
M-F 7:30am - 7pm
Saturday 9-1
I like scrambled eggs, so I am always grateful when a cafe lets me order scrambled eggs, an item not on the menu.
Great coffee, great service.
Internet available.
Update: They have wine on the menu.

a Musa
Avenue Paseo de Montejo #496 x 45 y 43
Open 9am to 11pm.
Interesting menu. Heavy on the cafes, tes, frappes, jugos and more. Baguette sandwiches and you can order one half a sandwich. Pastas, ensaldas and a separate breakfast menu with the usual eggs, croissants with various spreads.
Update: This cafe has closed but another one has opened in the same location. Similar menu.

Cafe Chocolate
Calle 60 x 49, Centro
Cafe with art, with outdoor patio, cafes, sandwiches and more. My favorite is a nutella frappe.
Internet available.
Update: Closed. Space has had several businesses open and close.
Jardin de Santa Ana
Calle 47 x 60
indoor and outdoor seating
Not sure of hours, they seem to vary.
Internet available.
Update: Closed.

Casa Maryposa
Calle 62 x 41 y 43 #360
Colonia Centro
Martes - Jueves 11:30am - 7:30pm
Viernes - Sabado 11:30am - 6:00pm
From Nachos to Fajitas, $50 - $75 with a wide selection of hot & cold drinks and desserts.
Try the cookies!
Internet available.
Update: Closed

Jaquar Cafe
Calle 60 x 45 y 47
Cafes, sandwiches, frappes, and my favorite, Soda Italiana, mineral water flavored with syrup. This café continues to improve. internet available. For the moment, my favorite is the Chai Tea Frappe!!! So good on a hot day.
Update: Closed.

Since I began this list 2 years ago, some cafes have opened, some have closed, some have changed owners, some have changed hours, that is how it is here in Merida.

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