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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Darwin's Lost Theory by David Loye

Becoming an author has opened a new world of connections for me.

I heard an interview on the "radio" with Dr. David Loye regarding his latest book, Darwin's Lost Theory.

The topic grabbed my attention. Loye was promoting the same idea I expressed in my eBook, Gina's Dream.

I had raised concerns about how our society has adopted the so-called theory of "survival of the fittest" and now uses it to support rampant selfishness to the point of theft, lies, and brutality.

The theory of "survival of the fittest" has been credited to Charles Darwin in his book, The Origin of Species, when in reality, Darwin's research supported another theory, the theory of "cooperation."

Dr. Loye is a prolific author. He has written over sixteen books and several on the topic of Charles Darwin.

You can find Dr. Loye's book at: http://davidloye.com/DLTpromo.html

Also, Dr. Loye is affiliated with several organizations that promote Darwin's theories and other perspectives such as The Darwin Project: http://thedarwinproject.com/library/library4.htm

Because I have not read or studied any of Dr. Loye's books or projects, I can not offer any recommendations.

While Dr. Loye approaches the topic of Darwin's theories from a scientific point of view, I feel that the idea of cooperation in society also needs to be expressed in different genres and on different levels of understanding.

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