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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Smoke Has Cleared! The Story About One Costly Bag of White Rice

This is a post about a frugal failure.

The smoke had cleared but the smell still lingered in the air. I greeted my returning family with -- "The good news is I did not burn your house down." Then I told them about my rice cooking adventure.

While visiting family, I housesat their elderly dog for a few days while family members were on vacation.

Feeding and walking the dog seemed easy. But, the dog is blind so I carried him down the stairs to the grassy area for potty breaks. He still likes to sniff around. After we return to the house, I wanted him to get a little exercise, so I walk slowly around the house talking to him. He would follow me. Once he even did one of his play routines, going in circles and barking like he was playing with a toy.

At dinner time, I followed the instructions in making his meal, 1 teaspoon each of dry dog food, shredded chicken, cooked white rice, and wet dog food stirred with a bit of water.

Everything was going well until I figured I would run out of white rice before the family got home. Now, I've cooked rice on a stove, on a hot plate and in a microwave, so no problem, right?

I choose to get a bag of white rice because it was a better buy than the quick boil-in-a-bag rice.

I decided to cook the rice on the gas stove. 1 cup rice, 2 cups water, standard procedure, bring to a boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes. Well, I got distracted and burnt the rice. The pot also needed a massive cleaning.

Then, I went to the store and got a covered microwave dish. Ok, rice and water, set power to 50%, cook 20 minutes, once again the rice burned.

Ok, cleaned the dish and started again. This time I cooked the rice for 5 minutes on high, then set the microwave at 50% but this time I watched all the dials and panels and realized that the last time I tried using 50% power, I did it wrong and it reverted to 100%. But, this time, I got cooked rice!!

Later, my sister tossed out the burnt pot.

The remaining rice was used to try to salvage a cell phone that had been dropped in the toilet. The phone sat in the bag of rice for two days. Later, the phone could function but would crash, so much for that remedy.

That is the history of one costly bag of rice.

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