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Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Other Hobby - Making Earrings

This is really about my friend, C. We started making jewelry about the same time. I love earrings, so I invested in supplies for making earrings. I used How-to webpages and magazines to help me.

C likes to make necklaces. C took jewelry classes. While we were beginners at first, C has really grown as an artist.

But, what amazed me was how she and her husband's interests combined in several projects. C's husband F, is a science writer and he recently got a 3D printer. I have read about 3D printers but still don't understand them.

During a recent get-together, C showed me a surprise her husband had given her, a 3D earring tree. He got the idea from a magazine and now C is going to design one of her own for him to make.

Both C and I enjoy making jewelry. C is becoming a professional. She designs necklaces for clients and sells at various craft fairs. Me, I have made about 70 pairs of earrings and that has slowed my spending on earrings considerably. But, I still buy earrings now and then.

Another friend of mine and I make earrings together. Combined we have made about 170 pieces of jewelry. So, with my original investment of 6000 pesos, the pieces now cost about 35.00 pesos each. Artists, here in Merida, sell earrings for about 20.00 to100.00 pesos.

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