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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Imitation Tuna Sliders

Imitation Tuna Sliders
(Inspired by: https://cookingonabootstrap.com/2018/02/19/carrot-cumin-kidney-bean-burger-17p-was-9p-vg-v-df/)

I wanted to make Jack's kidney bean burgers. I did not have kidney beans, so I tried using Bayos Enteros, a kind of pinto bean but I did not really like the results.


Later, I wanted to make imitation tuna salad but I changed my mind and decided to make imitation tuna burgers or sliders inspired by Jack's recipe.

In my mind, sliders are smaller versions of burgers or sandwiches.

Imitation Tuna Sliders


1 can garbanzo beans, drained
About 2 TBspoons sardine oil, drained from small tin of sardines
1/2 small red onion, diced
1 TBspoon of leftover canned carrots and jalapeno peppers, diced*
About 4+ heaping TBspoons mixture of leftover saltine crackers, crushed, and bread crumbs*
2 teaspoons cumin
Olive oil for cooking or extra
1 Roll
1 TBspoon Mayo
Ground black pepper
Cole Slaw* as a side (Optional)
*the canned carrots and jalapeno peppers, crackers and bread crumbs, and cole slaw were leftovers, so when you make the recipe make your own variations. 


In a large bowl, add beans and mash well.
Add sardine oil.
Add onions.
Add carrot mixture.
Add crushed crackers and bread crumbs.
Stir and mix well.
If mixture is too dry, add a little olive oil.
Put 2 heaping teaspoons of flour on cutting board.
Pick up about a golf ball size of mixture. Squeeze, shape into a ball. Flatten in center of palm. Smooth edges. Pat both sides of patty with flour as you shape the patty.

If necessary, reshape patty to make sure it does not crumble. Add more flour to outside of patty, this will help it keep it's shape and make it crispy.

Pour oil into skillet to cover bottom, about a 1/4 inch in depth.

Add patties to skillet. Cook on medium-high for about 3+ minutes per side.

I tried to make sure they were crisp.

Remove and place on platter when done.

To serve, I used a hamburger roll, would have preferred a small dinner roll.
Add Mayo on both parts.
Sprinkle with ground black pepper.

I used a bit of cole slaw from a carryout order as a side or you can add on top of patty.

 I made 7 small to medium sliders/burgers.

They were good!!!

Because of this success, I am going to try to make the Bayos Enteros burgers, again. I think it will work this time.

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