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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Fruit & Nut Mix Snack

I am sure everyone has a version of a nut and fruit snack mix.

One reason I like this snack is it is one way for me to eat lots of raisins and blueberries. Plus, nuts are good for you, too.

While mine varies, it usually contains:

Fruit & Nut Mix Snack


1-2 7oz bags of various peanuts, or peanut and sunflower seed mixes
2 cups raisins
2 cups dry blueberries

Suggestions: dried cranberries, Plantain chips, popcorn, dry cereal like Chex, pretzels

Note:  On occasion, I have added popcorn but after cracking two teeth, I stopped adding popcorn.

Sample, there are many varieties of peanut snacks.


After adding the various items into a container. Close with lid and shake well.

Other sources: https://www.chex.com/

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