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Monday, July 9, 2018

El Apapancho Cafe

El Apapancho Cafe

Calle 62 x 41 y 43
Centro, Merida, Mexico
Open: Miercoles - Viernes noon to 10pm, Sabado y Domingo open at 9am
El Apapancho Cafe is a spunky place. Wait staff are friendly and attentive, they greet guests and serve them with fresh cool water along with the veggie-friendly menus.


Large selection of hot and cold teas, cafe, fruita de Agua.

Sample menu items:

Sopas, huevos de patio al gusto
Con huevo o Pollo
Tecola o tecolotes
Tacos, mezcla de hongos
Bistek a la Mexicana
Filete de pescadoo filete de soya

From 30 - 150$

My favorites are: molletes, pan con frijol y queso con de salsa Pico de Gallo, y quesadillas con queso or queso con lechuga, crema.

(molletes, pan con frijol y queso con de salsa Pico de Gallo, y sandia de agua)

There's indoor and outdoor patio seating at tables for 2-6 or more.

Original artwork decorate the walls. There are bookshelves with used and new books in a wide range of topics, including books for children, and an emphasis on women's issues.

There are games to play, and crafts, like jewelry, for sale, and a gallery space upstairs.

El Apapapancho Cafe also holds various music or art events.


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