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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coming Soon! My Interview with Antoinette G. Lane, Author of Guy Williams: Man Behind the Mask

I am excited. I am going to interview Antoinette G. Lane, author of Guy Williams: Man Behind the Mask. Guy Williams was the actor who played Zorro in Walt Disney’s 19050s TV show.

When I watched Zorro in 1958, I was too young to understand much about TV production or the profession of acting. I just loved adventure stories. The show, Zorro, was exotic with its late 18th century Spanish-Mexican political setting, horses, sword-fights, and a handsome, masked hero saving the day.

Later in 1965, I recall, I was happy to see Guy Williams on the show, “Lost in Space.” I know I watched the show just because he was in it.

But, as life went on, I forgot about Guy Williams.

Then, I found Zorro reruns on YouTube. Watching those shows brought back wonderful memories, and I wondered, “What happened to Guy Williams?” A few internet searches later I found Ms. Lane’s biography.

What a treasure trove of information and she spent 19 years doing research for the book.

In our interview, Ms. Lane will talk about the art and skills needed to write a biography, and about some of the wonderful experiences she had, as an author, during her years of research and more.

The interview and other materials will be available around April 30, 2014.

For more information on Ms. Lane's book go to: Antoinette G. Lane -- Facebook page

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