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Friday, April 25, 2014

Ongoing Rundown of Cafes in Mérida, México

I am a cafe person. So, I am always thrilled to find a new cafe.

Look for updates, since things change frequently

Updated 3/5/16

New Cafés

Casa Maryposa
Calle 62 x 41 y 43 #360
Colonia Centro
Martes - Jueves 11:30am - 7:30pm
Viernes - Sabado 11:30am - 6:00pm
From Nachos to Fajitas, $50 - $75 with a wide selection of hot & cold drinks and desserts.
Try the cookies!
Internet available.
Update: Casa Mariposa closed during the low season (approximately June to October)

Espresso de Arte
Calle 62 #445 53 y 51
Colonia Centro
Lunes a Sábado 10:0 am - 10:00pm
Brand new.

El Origen Cafe
Calle 62A #472 x 39 y 37
Reforma, Centro
Lunes a Viernes de 12pm a 3pm
offers servicio a domicilio
What is great about this cafe is the vegetarian influence on the menu choices. The chef uses light seasonings.  The main dish is served with rice, salad & soup.
Update: El Origen Cafe on Calle 62A has moved to Av. Reforma (Calle 72 #404-D x 37 y 39

OMG! Cafe
Av Colon #505 x 8 y 9
Garcia Gineres
I came for the scones! Great pastries and coffee.
Internet available

Some Other Cafes

El Gran Cafe
Calle 47 y Paseo de Montejo
They have cut back on the hours they are open.
Internet available.

old address, Call47 y 70. They moved somewhere nearby.

Jaquar Cafe
Calle 60 x 45 y 47
Cafes, sandwiches, frappes, and my favorite, Soda Italiana, mineral water flavored with syrup. This café continues to improve. internet available. For the moment, my favorite is the Chai Tea Frappe!!! So good on a hot day.
Update: Jaquar Cafe has closed.

Pop Cafe
Calle 57 x 62 y 60
Listed in Lonely Planet.
Located in central downtown historic centro.
Typical cafe menu.
Nice refugee after a busy day.

Cafe Chocolate
Calle 60 y 49
Cafe with art, with outdoor patio, cafes, sandwiches and more. My favorite is a nutella frappe.
Internet available.

Paseo de Montejo, on the left as you head up Paseo towards the Monument
Friendly staff, can always met other expats or tourists.
Internet available but flaky.

Vendito Azul
Calle 62 x 49 y 51
Wed–Sat 1pm to 10

Bistro Cultural
Calle 66 x 43
M–F, 9–4
Open Saturdays now.
Chef prepares a daily dish.
Always something going on there.
Love the omelets.
Internet available.
Update: Bistro Cultural has expanded, now have an outdoor garden area.

Pistache (formerly La Boheme)
a french cafe
Quiches, french pasteries and breads
open daily from 7:30am until 11pm
Internet available.
One of my favorite stops.
It gets really busy on Sunday mornings due to Merida's Biciruta event. Also a bazaar had grown into a large event with tables of crafts, antiques, food specialities and artists displaying their work.
I call this the "Unofficial Cat Cafe" because the owner has adopted a cat and she had kittens, to there's usually a cat about. They are not socialized.
Update: Last time I went out on Sunday morning, the bazaar had been closed down but a few vendors had setup within the areas of a local restaurant. Have heard that the vendors are working with the city government to get permission to hold the bazaar on Sundays, again.

Cafe Creme
French cafe
Calle 41 x 60
M-F 7:30am - 7pm
Saturday 9-1
I like scramble eggs, so I am always grateful when a cafe lets me order scrambled eggs. Great coffee, great service.
Internet available.

Jardin de Santa Ana
Calle 47 x 60
indoor and outdoor seating
Not sure of hours, they seem to vary.
Internet available.
Update: Cafe has changed hands, looks like it's now a nighttime hot spot.

a Musa
Avenue Paseo de Montejo #496 x 45 y 43
Centro Historico
Open 9am to 11pm.
Interesting menu. Heavy on the cafes, tes, frappes, jugos and more. Baguette sandwiches and you can order one half a sandwich. Pastas, ensaldas and a separate breakfast menu with the usual eggs, croissants with various spreads.
Update: This cafe has closed but another one has opened in the same location. Similar menu.

Since I began this list 2 years ago, some cafes have opened, some have closed, some have changed owners, some have changed hours, that is how it is here in Merida.

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